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Guide on VPS server

What is VPS

VPS stands for a virtual private server. 2 important terms here - Virtual & private server.

Virtual meaning something created using software & is not real physically. Private server means belongs to you or dedicated server.

In simple terms, unlike a dedicated server, VPS resources are shared but virtually allocated to you.

For example, if a computer has 16 GB RAM and your VPS have 2 GB ram which is allocated from this 16 GB. This 2 GB will be dedicated 100% to you.

That is 2 VPS servers are completely isolated from each other. Even rebooting one VPS doesn't reboot others.

To divide these resources, a VPS hosting provider uses something called a hypervisor to create virtual machines for each customer on that server.

Difference of VPS vs Shared hosting vs dedicated servers

Let's look at the difference between VPS vs shared hosting & VPS vs dedicated server


  1. Shared hosting: Not possible to scale. If you want to improve performance then moving to a different server is the only option here.
  2. VPS: Can be easily scaled by adding any resources. Both horizontal & vertical scaling possible.
  3. Dedicated server: This can be easily scaled by adding any resources. Both horizontal & vertical scaling possible.

Cost of server

  1. Shared hosting: It has the lowest cost among all.
  2. VPS: Higher than shared hosting but lower than dedicated.
  3. Dedicated server: High cost.


  1. Shared hosting: All resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage, IP are shared.
  2. VPS: Virtually all resources are dedicated to you, but physically the hardware is shared among multiple users.
  3. Dedicated server: All resources are dedicated to you


  1. Shared hosting: Not good performance, the performance can depend on the load by other users' applications. So for example, if the User 1 website has high visitors during the night or during Christmas then the performance of your server can go down.
  2. VPS: Good performance. As the ram & CPU (called as vcpu here) is dedicated for your work.
  3. Dedicated server: Best performance. All resources are dedicated for your application use.

Comparing dedicated server vs VPS there is no clear winner, it all depends on your usage.

Advantage of VPS

VPS has many advantages which are why is it most popular.

  • Low cost: the cost is low as compared to dedicated servers.
  • Root access: Unlike shred hosting here you get root access. using root access you can install servers & software of your choice.
  • Highly scalable

Commonly used servers for web applications:

When you buy a VPS, it's like a newly purchased computer with only an operating system(os) installed in it. You can choose os of your choice.

Depending on the OS you can install server software in it. The most commonly used servers are

  1. Apache
  2. Nginx

Both are free, open-source & reliable server software.

Disadvantage - root access so not managed, technical knowledge

Managed VS unmanaged vps

Both VPS & dedicated servers come in 2 forms:

  1. Managed server
  2. Unmanaged server

Unmanaged server:

With an unmanaged VPS or dedicated server, you get access to the basic hardware. You'll have to set up and manage the server yourself. It involves not just installing your application but also underlying technologies, too.

For example, for WordPress, you need to install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and keep it upgrading with new releases.

Needless to say, unmanaged servers are good for developers or technical users. It can be hard and cumbersome for non-technical users.

Managed servers

In a managed server all underlying technologies of your choice are installed. Also, you get a control panel for the setting of VPS server & to manage the servers, technical support to help you install software of your choice.

This type of server costs higher than an unmanaged server but is a good option for non-technical users.

The most popular Managed server provider is Cloudways, check out the complete pricing details for cloudways

Free VPS server

Many VPS providers like DigitalOcean offer a free trial for using the VPS for 2-3 months. If you want to try the VPS server for free,  list of DigitalOcean servers

Signup using the link to get free credits for 2 months.

Some of the most commonly used software for server management are Cpanel (paid), DirectAdmin(paid), Plesk, Webmin, Virtualmin, Runcloud, ServerPilot. This Web Hosting Control Panel provides a graphical interface that makes it easy to manage the server without knowing much of the technical aspects.

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